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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Left overs

First, let me say that a leftover need never be left over! All food should be treated with love and respect right down to the last mouthful.  And that includes leftovers.
Let me give you an example.
 Tonight I cooked
  • Chicken liver with fresh ginger and coriander  
  • Basmati yoghurt rice with toasted black cumin and onion seeds together with my prawn favourite curry  
  • Vegetables in a a spicy black bean sauce.
  • Haddock pan fried in a delicate garamasla and tamarind paste
  • Roasted green garlic papadoms
  • Carrot cucumber and tomatoes wedges dressed with my special spiced olive oil
  • Followed by virgin sugar cane chunks 
And here is what was left over. An edible tricolour.
When eating leftovers it is always more appetising to pack and present the excess food as though you were starting all over again. It's pleasing both to the eye and palate and far more appealing when revisiting the leftovers.
I do try not to waste food. I like to finish my plate, I take modest portions from the serving dishes rather than than the whole meal all in one go..
Spend a little time serving yourself so as to encourage eating with pace and pleasure. Judge how much you actually need. Then any leftover will be fresh and clean. Not something that has been pushed around someone's plate or even you own.

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