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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Spelman denies Bread Shortage

Hot on the heels of the fuel panic the government has gone to the other extreme by covering up an imminent bread shortage.  The problem arises from plans to divert yeast from baking to industrial alcohol production to beat a possible fuel strike.
“Talk of shortages and rationing is dangerous nonsense” warns Food Minister Caroline Spelman. “In any case we are talking about a breakdown in distribution not production.”
Be that as it may the news does not seem to have filtered down to Bradford.  There were long queues outside the Pakaram and Gulab Bakeries.
“Don’t know what’s happened” says Nusrat from Bradford West, “I’ve been queueing for hours all right round t'houses. It’s only happened since that George Galloway got in.”
Fanny Maude from Shelf had a different view.  “I blame Council, me.” She said.   “All they can do is dig a great, big pond in t' bloody centre. It’s not been the same since that nice Mr. Pickles was in charge.”
Tory Party Chair Baroness Warsi wondered what the fuss was about. “Let them eat chapatis which don’t need yeast” she said wagging her finger for emphasis. “It’ll do ‘em good.”

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