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Friday, 3 July 2015

Sushi and sashimi are often confused sashimi

I often hear people say that they have eaten Sushi when in fact they have eaten raw fish. That is not Sushi .
Sushi  is short grain sticky rice mixed with sushi vinegar. Sushi vinegar is basically rice vinegar with the added ingredients of salt and sugar. Rice vinegar is used to add a mild acetic taste to dishes such as Namasu, Tsukemono . And try not to get the vinegars confused with rice wine (Sake) or liquor (Miran) .

Sashimi means "thinly slices" its often refers to uncooked seafood but it can include cooked seafood and vegetables and certain meats such as beef or deer and cooked egg.

Sashimi http://foodswol.com/
Sushi can be eaten with any of these, in rolls or as topping. Sasmi however can be eaten in its own right.

Sushi http://foodswol.com/

One possible reason for this confusion could be that sushi topped with raw seafood is the most popular sushi in Japan and raw fish thinly sliced is the the most common sasmini as seafood is widely available and eaten by most of the population..

I was once told by a Japanese chef I must use sushi vinegar when making rice for sushi rolls to flavour the rice and not rice vinegar as its vital seasoning of sugar and salt that enhances the flavour of the rice otherwise its dull bland flavour. Its mind boggling as there are so many vinegars to choose from, however by following this simply rule it works a treat each time.Click on this link for a lovely sushi rice recipe and sushi vingar recipe

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