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"Cook with love. Love your cooking" Gita Mistry

Monday, 21 November 2011

Cooking with love. Love your cooking.

When I was asked this morning what I meant by "cooking in love"
this was my reply: 
"Cooking with love means cooking with passion. But it also means cooking with care, attention, detail, patience, balance, a sense of calm and  creative flow. It is a bit like listening to music and understanding the different elements that make up a a given piece Indeed, when I cook I often hear music in my mind's ear."
No matter how humble the meal you can still give it love. 

"Loving your cooking?" That means accepting and enjoying the love.  Whether the food is intended for a guest or for you.  After all your body is sacred and it  deserves your love.

Putting the "Cooking with love" and "loving your cooking" together means connecting with the food in the way that you might connect with someone or even something that you desire and really enjoy. 

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