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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Impressions of Thailand

     Central Bangkok                                                                                               

No more fish in the sea Courtesy Old Man Pie


Mangoes for this lassie

Street food

You wont find any of these in the supermarkets but boy do they sell! Sold by the bucket or for those with a delicate stomach you could just buy for a try.Bugs.

Golden Buddha

                                                                       Grand Palace
                                                                       Red Pears

Lotus Flowers

                                                                   Pea green Aubergines
                                                                  Sweet Tarmirand

Fish cakes made by yours truely

Ingredients for prawn massaman

                                                            Papaya Salad "Som Tum"

                                                            Cooking in Bangkok

 Window shopping model menu, you choose your dish out side the restaurant and order by number inside.

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