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Tuesday, 1 May 2012

In memory

Today I'm eating Eccles cakes  in memory of someone very special.   

For those of you in the great Wen, an Eccles cake is not  a cake at all.   More a pastry stuffed with dried fruit  They are very rich - butter pastry, brown sugar and raisins.  Mmmm. 

Eccles cakes are comfort food like pork pies.  In many ways an Eccles cakes is the dessert equivalent.   Both have pastry and rich, succulent fillings.   The best Eccles cakes are packed with raisins.   Some people call Eccles cakes flies' cemeteries.   

Both are snacks that you can graze on the run.   Something you can munch at a football match.   

This special person liked his football.   Being a Mancunian he was a big  City fan.   He would have have been overjoyed at today's win.   Beating  the Reds.1-0.   United has a big following around the world.   But City is big in Manchester.   I wish all those United fans at Ringway airport, Piccadilly station and on the M6 a good trip home.   Don't forget your Eccles cakes lads & lasses   In case you didn't know, Eccles is in  Salford.

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