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Monday, 4 November 2013

Happy New Year and Diwali!

The  Hindu festival of  Diwali has been celebrated by thousands around the globe this weekend. The festival name means a row of lights representing good over evil. This year it was celebrated on the 3rd of November and today 4th November is New year s day, celebrated with friends and family, fireworks and special foods such as Sanaghar puras and Chokoris.  

A more in depth meaning : Diwali lights dispel the darkness of our ignorance - a row of lights showing us the way through life.The wick representing ones ego and the oil which burns the wick called the vassana  representing ones negativity so as they burn away we rid our self of these traits and let our positive inner light shine through into the world. It is encouraged to let the lights die out naturally and for it not to be blown out mid way so not to disturb the action of purifying.

The New Year or Samvat of 2070 is  from the lunar calendar  based on ancient Hindu traditions, The Vikram samvat calender is 56.7 years ahead of the solar Gregorian calender used universally. As I prepared the delicacies, I also made some home made  lights of my of my own using  oranges cut into half, scooped out the flesh and left the stem   in the middle  in tack to be used as a wick. which were then filled with cooking oil  .They burned for hours and the kitchen smelt of wonderful citrus orange scent. Any spices you may like to add to the oil helps the spirit of the occasion. Try cinemon bark or  gloves or even  star anise.

Heres the recipe I used if fancy your hand at making chockoris
Makes a dozen ( 12)

150 rice flour
 50g Plain flour (can be substituted for mashed potatoes)
15 g butter
1 tsp green chiis
1/2 tsp of ginger paste
 salt to taste and sugar to taste
 10g  of white sesame seeds
couple of pinches of carom seeds
50 g yogurt with a little water

Bind the dough together with all the ingredients and pipe out into swirls using a piping bag, leave to rest for a few minutes and deep fry in rapeseed oil on a low to medium setting.Turn up the heat so the chokories have a golden brown finish.

Tip . Fry 4-5  with good a amount of space in between time to avoid then sticking together in the hot fat.

I wish you great health and great prosperity for the this New Year and hope you enjoy this recipe.

San Nu Barrack- Happy New Year!

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